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Are you looking for a professional and efficient way to manage your educational centers? The Hamkar management system is the answer to all your needs. With Hamkar, experience seamless and effective management of finances, students, teachers, and staff.

About Hamkar

About Hamkar

Hamkar provides innovative management solutions designed to streamline and enhance the operations of educational centers.

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system streamlines administrative processes, enhances productivity, and leverages cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your educational goals. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to delivering a seamless and efficient management experience. Trust us to transform your educational management into a smooth and successful operation. Partnering with us means taking a step towards a brighter and more efficient future for your educational institution.

System Features

Features of Hamkar Management System

The Hamkar Management System is designed to address all the administrative needs of educational centers, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution to streamline operations. Here are some of the key features:

Financial Management:

Student Fee Collection: Efficiently manage and track student payments.

Teacher Salary Payments: Handle salaries on a contractual, monthly, or percentage basis.

Debt, Advance, and Deduction Recording: Keep track of taxes and salary deductions.

Timesheet and Payroll Form Creation: Manage attendance and salary payments accurately.

Income and Expense Management: Monitor all revenue streams and miscellaneous expenses.

Daily Expense Tracking: Track daily costs, including meals and other expenses.

Book and Chapter Sales: Manage the sale of educational materials seamlessly.

Student Management:

Registration and Profile Management: Create and maintain comprehensive student profiles.

Class Assignment: Easily allocate students to their respective classes.

Educational Record Keeping: Track and maintain detailed academic records of students.

Stationery Sales: Efficiently manage the sale of school supplies.

Fine Collection: Monitor and collect student fines.

ID Card Creation: Generate ID cards for students quickly and easily.

Daily Attendance Tracking: Monitor daily attendance for each class.

Report Card and Certificate Generation: Create and print result cards and certificates with barcodes.

Teacher Management:

Registration and Account Management: Manage teacher accounts and profiles.

Class Creation: Set up and manage classes effectively.

Salary Payments and Financial Reporting: Handle teacher salary payments and generate comprehensive financial reports.

Penalty and Reward Management: Track and manage penalties and rewards for teachers.

Meal Expense Management: Oversee and track meal expenses for teachers.

Staff Management:

Salary Payments: Efficiently manage salary payments for staff.

Advance Salary Management: Provide and track salary advances.

Financial Reporting: Generate detailed financial reports for better decision-making.

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Here are a few screenshots from the display that illustrate various steps and important information.


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